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The first web-based video editor that removes silence from your videos automatically. Make content 10x faster with Smart Cut from Kapwing.
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Editing a video can take hours, and the first stage is often the most tedious. You examine each second of your footage and repeatedly click and split to cut out the silences and end up with a set of refined clips. But what if technology could do this for you? Kapwing's Smart Cut tool automates your video editing process by detecting and removing silences from your video in a matter of seconds. You'll be saving hours of editing time and completing your rough cut faster than ever for talking head videos, recorded presentations, tutorials, vlogs, and more. Editing has never been so seamless.

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How to Edit a Video Automatically

How to Edit a Video Automatically
  1. Upload your video
    Upload a video directly to Kapwing from your computer or mobile device. You can also paste a link to a video.
  2. Remove silences with Smart Cut
    Select the Smart Cut button on the right sidebar to automatically remove silences from your video in two clicks. Use the silence slider to adjust the sensitivity of Smart Cut.
  3. Finish editing and export
    Add other edits to your video, then hit Export to download your video or share it with the world! It's as simple as that.

Removing Silences Automatically with Smart Cut

Whether you’re creating long-form content for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or short-form content for TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, being able to quickly remove the silences in your video makes the creating process much easier.

Smart Cut by Kapwing is a brand new way to edit your videos online. The first of its kind in an online video editor, Smart Cut allows you to take any video and remove silences instantaneously in just two clicks. The edits happen in real time and the silence threshold can be adjusted to best fit your needs.

To get started, record or upload a video into the editor. Once your video has been uploaded, you can use Kapwing’s Smart Cut tool to identify all of the silences within your video and remove them. With Smart Cut, you can adjust the sensitivity by multiple levels of granularity to make sure you’re cutting out the different silences within your video - the white noise, silences between dialogue, and background sounds, without cutting out your voice.

After you remove the silences with Smart Cut, you can further edit your video by trimming the sections of your video to remove any mistakes or irrelevant content to make sure your video is engaging and smooth for your viewers. Once you’re finished editing, you can click the export button to export your video and have it ready for whatever platform you’d like to upload to.

Our mission at Kapwing is to make content creation easy and accessible to anyone. Now with Smart Cut, creators no longer need to trim every piece of their video out. With Kapwing, videos can be shortened, adjusted, then exported in one place.

What creators are saying
“Smart Cut in one word: fantastic! In 3 words: huge time saver! This is a major game changer. I can record on my phone, upload to Kapwing, splice out the gaps, in one press of a button get subtitles on, and be ready to upload to Instagram or Facebook in 5 mins or less.”
Sarah Dresser
Sarah Dresser
“Smart Cut saves an hour or more of my time by removing the unnecessary parts of videos in a couple of clicks. It focuses in on the good parts of the video quickly which keeps me excited about the footage I've recorded.”

Brian White
Brian White
Snappier videos with less work
Smart Cut helps you make more engaging videos that retain viewers' attention. It highlights the valuable moments in your footage and automatically creates jump cuts for you, leading to an overall higher quality viewing experience for your audience. Say goodbye to awkward pauses and hello to smooth edits.
Simple two-click process
Get up and running with Smart Cut in no time, even if you don’t have video editing experience. Our editor has an intuitive interface that allows you to remove silences in just two clicks. Focus more on the creative process while our video editor automates the boring work for you. By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll have a fully edited rough cut of your video.
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Screenshot of silence sensitivity
You're in control
Adjust silence sensitivity at multiple levels of granularity to make sure that you are cutting out white noise, silence, and background sounds, but not your voice. Let your content shine through and keep your viewers engaged throughout your whole video.
Streamline your workflow
With a powerful non-linear video editing timeline, the shortcuts from Smart Cut don't stop at silence removal. You can still adjust the trimmed clips of your video, and then take advantage of everything else available in Kapwing - adding text, effects, audio, and much more. And once you're finished, just click a single button and your video will be exported, completely online.
Screenshot of Kapwing editor with Smart Cut

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to cut silences out of my videos?

Moments of silence in a video with dialogue can cause awkward pauses, which makes it hard for your audience to stay focused and engaged. Removing silences from your videos creates a better viewing experiences for your audiences, by creating smoother edits, allowing for the dialogue to flow.

How can I cut silences out of my videos?

Manually editing silences out of your videos can be time consuming, but is definitely worth it. The easiest way is to have an editor that shows the audio waves visually so that you can cut out sections where the waves seem lower or non existent. If you do not have an editor that shows audio waves, you can still remove silences from your video by playing the video through and splitting sections of silence out as you watch.

The fastest way would be to use Kapwing, which would allow you to take all of the silences out of your project with 2 clicks, with the ability to control the sensitivity.

Is recording in a single take better than multiple takes?

Recording videos with dialogue in a single take are usually best for an easier editing experience. When you record a video in a single take, you don’t have to worry about changes in lighting and overall set up, which makes editing much easier later. Additionally, when you record in a single take, you can edit out your mistakes without making it obvious that the continuing sections were recorded at a different time.

What's different about Kapwing?

Start creating immediately with thousands of templates and copyright free videos, images, music, and GIFs. Repurpose content from the internet by pasting a link.
Kapwing is completely free to start. Just upload a video and start editing. Supercharge your editing workflow with our powerful online tools.
Automatically subtitle and translate videos with our AI-powered Subtitler tool. Caption your videos in seconds, so that no viewers get left behind.
Kapwing is cloud based, which means your videos are wherever you are. Use it on any device and access your content anywhere in the world.
No spam or ads
No spam or ads
We don't serve ads: we're committed to building a quality, trustworthy website. And we will never spam you nor sell your information to anyone.
Kapwing works hard to help make the content you want, when you want it. Get started on your project today.
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Trusted by millions of creators all over the world
Headshot of Michael Trader
Best online video service ever. And a miracle for deaf people.
[Subtitler] is able to autogenerate subtitles for video in almost any language. I'm deaf (or almost deaf, to be correct) and thanks to Kapwing I'm now able understand and react on videos from my friends :)
Michael Trader
Information Services Freelancer
Headshot of Dina Segovia
This tool should be in every social media account managers' bookmark list.
I use this daily to help with video editing. Even if you're a pro video editor, their is no need to be spending hours trying to get the format correct. Kapwing does the hard work for you.
Dina Segovia
Virtual Freelance Worker
Headshot of Eunice Park
It just works!
Kapwing is incredibly intuitive. Many of our marketers were able to get on the platform and use it right away with little to no instruction. No need for downloads or installations - it just works.
Eunice Park
Studio Production Manager at Formlabs
Headshot of Vannesia Darby
With Kapwing, we're always ready to create.
Kapwing is an essential tool that we use in MOXIE Nashville every day. As a social media agency owner, there's a variety of video needs that my clients have. From adding subtitles to resizing videos for various platforms, Kapwing makes it possible for us to create incredible content that consistently exceeds client expectations. With Kapwing, we're always ready to create - from anywhere!
Vannesia Darby
CEO at MOXIE Nashville
Headshot of Grant Taleck
Spend less time learning... and more time crafting stories.
Kapwing helps you spend less time learning complex video editing platforms and more time crafting stories that will connect with your audience and customers. We've used the platform to help create engaging social media clips from our clients' podcasts and we can't wait to see how the platform simplifies this process going forward. If you've learned graphic design with Canva, you can learn video editing with Kapwing.
Grant Taleck
Co-Founder at
Headshot of Panos Papagapiou
It keeps getting better!
Kapwing is probably the most important tool for me and my team. It’s always there to meet our everyday needs in creating scroll-stopping and engaging videos for us and our clients. Kapwing is smart, fast, easy to use and full of features that are exactly what we need to make our workflow faster and more effective. We love it more each day and it keeps getting better.
Panos Papagapiou
Managing Partner at EPATHLON
Headshot of Kerry-lee Farla
By the far the most user friendly software to use.
As a housewife at home looking to start a Youtube channel for fun with absolutely zero editing experience, it was so easy for me to teach myself via their YouTube channel. It takes the tediousness out of editing and encourages creativity. As long as Kapwing is around, I will be using their software.
Kerry-lee Farla
Headshot of Gracie Peng
Kapwing is my secret weapon!
This is one of the most powerful, yet inexpensive and easy-to-use video editing software I've found. I blow my team away with how fast and efficiently I can edit and turnaround video projects.
Gracie Peng
Director of Content
Headshot of Martin James
Kapwing is king.
When I use this software, I feel all sorts of creative juices flowing because of how jam-packed with features the software really is. A very well-made product that will keep you enticed for hours.
Martin James
Video Editor
Headshot of Heidi Rae
Love this site.
As a English Foreign Language Teacher, this site helps me to quickly subtitle interesting videos that I can use in class. The students love the videos, and the subtitles really help them to learn new vocabulary as well as better understand and follow the video.
Heidi Rae
Headshot of Natasha Ball
Excellent subtitling features
[It] works perfectly for me. Have been using Kapwing for a year or so, and their automatic subtitle tool gets better and better every week, it's rare that I have to correct a word. Keep up the good work!
Natasha Ball
Headshot of Mitch Rawlings
Best online video service ever. And a miracle for deaf people.
[Subtitler] is able to autogenerate subtitles for video in almost any language. I'm deaf (or almost deaf, to be correct) and thanks to Kapwing I'm now able understand and react on videos from my friends :)
Mitch Rawlings
Information Services Freelancer
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