Getting Started with Kapwing for Teams

Getting Started with Kapwing for Teams

What is Kapwing for Teams?

Kapwing for Teams helps businesses of all sizes create videos faster by connecting everyone in the creative process to create impactful, on-brand content. In one collaborative workspace, team members can create videos, give and get feedback, use brand assets, store projects, and edit in real time together. Kapwing for Teams speeds up creation and feedback loops so all kinds of teams can make engaging videos that reach more people:

  • Marketing and communications teams create on-brand videos for social media and centralize their team’s work in one content home base.
  • Creative agencies get feedback from clients faster with comments and link-based file sharing.
  • Media teams repurpose existing footage into bite-sized clips to reach their audience in more places.
  • Entrepreneurs make demos and recorded presentations to get the word out about their business.

How to Create a Team and Add Members

You can add members to your team at any time by going to the "Members" Tab and selecting “Invite Members” and inviting teammates by typing their email addresses or sharing the link with them directly.

Workspaces on the Team Plan are billed per member. When a new member joins the workspace, you will be charged a prorated amount that covers the remainder of the billing cycle (whether you’re paying monthly or annually) for the new member to gain access to the workspace. You are not charged for the time they weren’t in your workspace.

To customize your team name and logo, click on Workspace Settings

Select to the “Settings” tab. Here you can rename your workspace by clicking “Rename Workspace” or pencil next to the current name. You can change your Workspace Logo by selecting "upload photo" under the Logo section.

What is the difference between a free and paid team workspace?

Teams can get started with Kapwing for free by creating an account and inviting any teammates to your workspace. For those looking to level up their creative workflow, we offer paid plan options with premium features that enable teams to create higher-quality videos faster. Take a look at our pricing page for a breakdown of what the paid teams plan entails, or read on for answers to frequently asked questions about our pricing.

Workspace Folders and Navigation


Your projects are organized in folders visible within your team workspace. Workspace folders are visible to everyone in your team workspace while “My Folders” are only visible to you.

Switching Between Workspaces

If you have multiple workspaces, you can learn how to navigate between them here.

How to Give and Receive Feedback with Comments

With video comments, your team can iterate faster on content by leaving feedback directly on a project in Kapwing. Instead of collecting feedback from teammates on various platforms or in documents, you can just share the project link and get everyone’s feedback on the video itself!

Here’s how to use video comments:

  • Export your Kapwing project, then share the project link with team members OR Share your project within the editor to team members
  • Review the project and type out comments – In the editor, click on the comments icon in the top right corner. On the export page, you will see the comments section on the right side of the page. You and your teammates can leave comments by typing them in the box on the bottom right corner, then click the purple arrow to post them. The time stamp of where you are in the video is noted with your comment. To comment at a different time stamp, scrub to that point in the video, then write your comment.
  • Edit or delete comments – click the three dots to the right of any comment to edit it or delete it entirely

Learn more about commenting on Kapwing:

How to Keep Content on Brand with Brand Kit

Brand Kit is a paid feature that makes it easy for your whole team to create on-brand content. You can ensure everyone is using the same brand assets, logos, colors, and fonts in every piece of content. Just upload your brand assets to the kit once, and then the rest of your team can bring them into projects with one click.

Here’s how to use the team Brand Kit:

  • First, add your brand media, colors, and fonts to the kit – Go to your team workspace and head to the “Brand Kit” in the top left corner. Upload your brand images, videos, audio, fonts, and colors that are commonly used. Everyone in your team can make changes to the Brand Kit and use the Brand Kit assets in the editor.
  • To use the brand assets in projects – When you open a new project, these brand assets will appear in their relevant sections in the editor. Any color palettes will have the brand colors easily accessible, your brand fonts will appear at the top of the fonts list, and brand media will be at the top of the Media Library within the ‘My Media’ section.

Brand Templates

Within your workspace, you can create Brand Templates which are project templates that you can share between users in your workspace.

If you make similar projects often, making a template for that format will speed up your workflow so you avoid building it from scratch every time. To create a Brand Template, head to the Brand Kit on the upper left side of your workspace. Your saved Brand Templates will show up at the top of your workspace – click one to start creating with it.

Learn more about Brand Kit and Brand Templates:

Edit Together in Real Time

Working within a Team workspace allows you and your teammates to edit in real time together. Kapwing is a cloud-based tool, meaning that you and your colleagues can your workspace and edit projects from anywhere at any time.

How do I remove a paid Team seat?

If you would like to decrease or increase the amount of paid seats you have, open Workspace Setting, click the "Billing" tab, and make the adjustments under the seats section to add or remove seats. The number of seats can not be reduced below the current number of members in the workspace. If the current number of members is higher than the desired seat number return to the "Members" tab and remove the member(s) first.

Note: When you remove user(s) in the middle of your billing cycle, you can add new user(s) before the end of the billing cycle without incurring any additional costs. If you invite new members to join your team, their seat(s) will be renewed on your next bill.

How do I leave or delete our Team Workspace

To leave or delete a Team workspace, access the workspace settings. Under the actions section, you will see the options to "Leave Team Workspace" or "Delete Team Workspace".

Pricing FAQs

For more information on our Pro Plan, Business Plan or Enterprise pricing, please visit our Pricing Page and read our Kapwing Pricing FAQ article.

Looking for more help?

Check our Release Notes for tutorials on how to use the latest Kapwing features!